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We train, hire & motivate the best of the best crew. Skilled, committed and hard-working sailors whose capabilities we develop through our various crew programs.


Our crew selection standards are designed to qualify the best crew suited to the specific needs and requirements of our principals. Our dynamic and passionate recruitment team ensures that our seafarers have undergone rigorous screening procedures such as in-depth interviews, psychological testing, backgroud verification, and medical assesment together with other training requirements and certifications that may be required by our principals

We put hiring emphasis on proven experience and continuous training on safety, environment protection, pollution control and upgraded maritime courses required by IMO. In addition, we maintain and update our database to ensure that crew changes and mobilization are planned well, and necessary adjustments are properly facilitated.

Crewing Details

We work with people from a broad spectrum of professional and cultural backgrounds the way we see it … diversity broadens our horizon. Mutual respect, awareness and appreciation are our values. Together, our people make sure you get the best results.

Giving our seafarers the opportunities to grow as professionals along with the resources they need to be in control of their own career is important. We put great emphasis on performance reviews, offering a wide range of training programs.

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