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Seascorp offers its customers a wide range of crewing options. Based on specified requirements by vessel and owner, we provide the appropriately qualified crew and staff.


Our crew selection standards are designed to qualify the best crew suited to the specific needs and requirements of our principals..

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Training and Development

Seascorp is committed to crew development and skills upgrading. We formulate programs for our crew to improve knowledge and skills ..

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Agency Services

Seascorp serves various principals for cargo loading/discharging, crew change of their foreign crew nationals and vessel lay-up in the Philippines...

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Our Works

Setting high standards for professionalism and competence.

Our Job Placements

We offer a wide range of crewing options. Based on specific requirements of a given vessel

Bulk Carriers

Bulk carriers are a type of ship which transports cargoes in bulk quantities.

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Container Ships

Are cargo ships that carry all of their load in truck-size intermodal containers.

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Gas Carrier

Gas carrier ships designed to transport LPG, LNG or liquefied gases in bulk.

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Oil / Chemical Tanker

Chemical tanker is a type of tanker ship designed to transport chemicals in bulk.

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RORO Pax/RORO Cargo/RORO Container

Roll-on/roll-off ships are vessels designed to carry vehicles, that are driven on and off the ship on their own.

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Offshore Vessels

Offshore Vessels are specially designed for transporting goods and personnel to offshore oil platforms.

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We're ready to work with you

At Southeast Asia Shipping Corp, we offer an extensive range of solutions for all vessel segments to offer you the crewing services that you want - when and where you need them.

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