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We train, hire the best crew: Skilled, committed and responsible employees whose capabilities we develop through our training programs.

Training and Development

Seascorp is committed to crew development and skills upgrading. We formulate programs for our crew to improve knowledge and skills levels on various procedures and techniques used onboard and encourage them to get updated with the latest navigational aids, equipment and technology.

In addition to our in-house training programs, we also tapped respectable training schools in the country to ensure our crew are certified and trained under the standards of IMO-ISM-ISPSC and STCW.

A strong emphasis is also placed on behavioral and emotional skills training to help our seafarers cope with the highly stressful environment of working onboard and develop flexibility in relating to people form various cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, our training department provides English enhancement program to our seafarers to help them bridge communication gaps with a diverse crew onboard.

Training Details

Everyday ship operation is a technical and complex process which requires all elements to be coordinated perfectly to achieve excellent results. Our technical training has provided services for more vessels over the past years. We guarantee smooth operations across the entire deployment.

Ship handling courses for container & bulk vessels
Engine simulator courses
Energy efficiency training
Mooring training
Bridge Resource training

Advanced, and certified training courses are provided to our seafarers. Our tranings are tailored to the needs of crews and designed to support individual talent development.

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