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We train, hire the best crew: Skilled, committed and responsible employees whose capabilities we develop through our training programs.

Agency Services

Seascorp serves various principals for cargo loading/discharging, crew change of their foreign crew nationals and vessel lay-up in the Philippines. We act as protective agent for off-hire / on-hire delivery of vessels from any port in the Philippines.

What we offer

Bunkering and Fresh water supply
Ship Stores and Provision

On-board repair crew
Vessel minor repair in anchorage

In coordination with goverment agencies, we handle vessel lay-up, provide maintenance and repair for lay up duration and arrange vessel entry and exit formalities.

For initial agency cooperation, we establish cargo vessel information exchange for voyage or time charter in Asian ports. We source out cargoes inbound and outboound such as minerals, fertlizers, cement, rice, corn, sugar, steel, general cargo among others, and advise through fax, cargo particulars and required vessel laydays for freight idea and confirm vessel charter agreement or memorandum of agreement for client disposition.]

Also, we can supply estimated charges and ports facilities for reference. On solicitated cargoes, we can advise available vessel position. We will provide customart services required by husbanding, supervise loading and discharging operations, furnish water, ships provisions, emergency repairs and arrange payment of all charges that maybe imposed by the Philippine Port Authority on owner's behalf.

We will advise estimated port charges and cargo expenses for loading and dicharging prior to vessel's arrival. Likewise, facilities and estimated expenses for other allied services can be supplied upon request. An accompanying fax or e-mail appointment to us will confirm the arrangement.

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